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well my day jsut got a little worse. i'm in driving school all happy about a license. then i come to find my dream car that was for sale at grainger honda was sold. it was a used 2001 red solara convertible. my dad said he wouldnt mind getting it, but my mom said no way. 

so even though i was pretty sure i wasnt getting it, it was nice to look at it and imagine it and know there was still a faint chance. but grainger sold it.  it was just kind of sad. i dont know. 
i really should stop going through people's facebook albums. i just found a picture of my cousin dancing on a table at a bar. crazy seems to run in the family, eh? 
summer summary! in picture form!Collapse )
summer has been so amazing. today codi and i ran around savannah mall and approached every teenage boy we came across and made them call kerry to wish her a happy birthday. but she didnt know it was us until she opened her gift (a lacy thong with a built in skirt) and read the card where we confessed. we got 11 guys to call!! you know its impressive.

then we wrote down a bunch of random people's numbers and put them on random car windshields. so if you get a call i apologize...stephen already did. hehe

and now kerrys cousin is rating everyone at kerry's pool party. i am number one. but he is drunk so its all a bit skewed. stephen plunk is a close second...but this is all in josh's mind.

but the party was fun. i was nearly drowned at several points by stephen, dane, and peter. and there were tugs of war where i was the rope, and then of course i was thrown in so many times...once or twice in the shallow end which really hurt...

things are getting better.

so tell all you're friends i'm obsessive and crazy, thats fine, i'll tell all mine you're gay.
i've stopped keeping an eye out for his car whenever around town.

because in reality, what good would it do? get a momentary glimpse of him? it would do absolutely no good at all.

it will never work out. and i'm going to have to live with that.

big girls dont cry  
flamethrowers are pretty cool.

summer will be amazing.
well that was fun

i made $400 go figure
so last night we hads the welcome home from jail party at kerry's house. the festivities included marco polo at midnight, baking and eating a cool jail-cake, checking out the tatoos the jailbird gave himself when he was drunk, and talking about all the crazy stuff he and his friends have done.

now we're about to have an "isnt free-person food better than jailbird food?" lunch at applebees.

then im staying at my aunt and uncle's house. car shopping!!!
so i now have lighter hair. and no gross roots. much improved.

is it summer yet?...

...didnt think so...

but its almost the weekend. not much planned. hanging out with codi and stephen on friday. then saturday karry and i are throwing her cousin a "welcome home from jail can we sign your anke bracelet?" party. we're going to make him a cake with bars on it and his prison number. then i may stay with my aunt and uncle. just a good relaxing weekend. thank god.
what you said in the car today was rude, uncalled for and hurtful. and you wouldnt stop when i asked.

i didnt deserve that.