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a week or so ago biscuit died, despite the year they gave him to live.

i thought it would kill me. it didnt.

but it is literally killing my other dog, who now refuses to eat until we force it.

and so, we're getting a puppy. thats actually really exciting!

i found a female australian shepard mix at animal control. so im going to save her from being euthenized. so i get to pick her up on wednesday. i still need names in case anyone has suggestions. im glad she's a mutt that i can actually rescue and make a difference in an unfortunate dogs life rather than a purebred like we usually get.

so this is her:

She's adorable.

I suggest naming her something clever and NOT a human name like Sophie or Molly. I think personally that's so annoying when people do that...maybe you can name her after a Greek goddess or a city you love.
thats a good idea. we were considering several musicians and song characters such as marley, jude, lucy, garcia, and etc haha
She's adorable! We just named our new dog Jude, and it's a good dog name. But maybe another Beatle, like Ringo, could fit yours too. And I like Marley.