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i just joined the "you might go to YCG when..." group on facebook. i read through them all and started crying.

camp is beautiful. this hasnt been a real summer because i havent been able to go this year. i miss it so much part of me isnt really here. apparently they got a new water front director, waterfront mike. better than waterfront katie i hope. but he'll never be donovan. i dont think many people will understand what i'm talking about.

and they're right. we all are crazy to sign up and pay to do manual labor just so we can stay at camp longer. you have to love camp to shovel gravel and wash dishes at every meal just so you can be there another week.

i miss the beaver song. and closing campfire. and tyedying underwear because you have to conserve all your clothes. i miss krispy kreme sundays and sneaking cheerios out of the dining hall. i miss my camp friends and greg and the counselors. i miss ultimate and relay races that you always grown about but actually really enjoy. kayaks vs canoes, the always anticipated snack and capture the flag. square dances and the saturday dances you always get all hyped up over and end up being goofy. making purple (hahaha). even the godforsaken fried chicken nights and buddy checks.

dammit i need camp. i'm going to end up having to go up one weekend during the school year. it wont be the same as during the summer. sure, they wont have parade ground or the "i wanna be a weirdo" song, but i have to get near the mountain air and stay in one of those bunks that are so insanely uncomfortable until you drag yourself into one after a long day of running and dancing and singing and laughing and being active for 15 hours that day and it turns into a luxury matress straight fromt he ritz carlton.

i miss my home, not one of those stupid houses in savannah or tybee. but YCG. with my family. not my mom or dad or sister. but my camp friends.

this isnt a summer what are you people talking about?
I know exactly what you mean. My dad is trying to tell me that I'll want to get a "real job" next summer. Who's he kidding? Only the most amazing job in the world would take me away from camp.
although i can't complain, because i was at camp for 4 weeks this summer, there was so many key people for me this summer who were absent from camp, and it just felt like something was missing. like you, julia, evan, ect...

i missed us skipping out on service stuff and eating popsicles in the health center field. i missed us having to deal with crazy felcia...EVEN THOUGH SHE CAME TO CAMP AND WAS OUR STAYOVER COUNSELOR!! I KNOW, UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! i missed everything about you. please don't even skip camp ever again.